WorkshopTaller de joies en vidre

Workshop for children and adults for fairs and schools.

Apprentice glaziers make our first gem.

Is to create a pendant glass medieval theme or subject that is dependent on the fair.
- Participants choose different illustrations for
paint them, behind can make your own creation.
- Wash two pieces of glass.
- S'encinta piece with copper tape and sealed well.
- After passing the jewel in the hands of the craftsman Xevi Porras, the weld pool and puts the finishing ring.
- We clean the piece and it puts the string.
- Final result: crystal pendant, any theme and customized.

Age range of workshop from 4 years

Xevi en el taller de Ciutadilla Demonstrations

  Live demonstrations of the technique. Depending on the area or subject  fair or event live work windows, lamps or small pieces and jewelry.  In a very pedagogical you can see the whole process of making a piece of glass or window:

  - Selection of glasses

  - Creating Templates

  - Cut glass  - Polished

  - Leaded and stained glass assembly

  - Welding of glass